June 24th Bulletin

June 24, 2018
Preservice music
Call to worship and prayer
I will stand in the congregation SS 113
Lord, I am fondly, earnestly HWB 514
Summer memory passage – Colossians 3.12-15
I heard the voice of Jesus say HWB 493
Scripture Reading – John 4:1-30
Children’s time
Children invited to go to Sunday school
PiE – sharing
Sermon – The Woman at the Well
Jesus, Rock of ages HWB 515
Sharing and prayer
Will you come and follow me SS 39

* We will hold a second offering in support of the ministry of Pastors in Exile (PiE).

A supervised nursery for children 5 and under is across from the washrooms. Supervisors today are: Chris Finnie, Darryl Drudge. A quieter unsupervised nursery is available in Room 113 (office hallway).

Leading Us In Worship:
Preservice, offertory, postlude – Grant Movold
Worship leader – Sandi Roth
Song leader –Tim Miller Dyck
Accompanists – Grant Movold, Susan Seyler
Children’s time – Kim Lichti
PiE sharing – Tamara Shantz
Sermon – Steph Chandler Burns
Congregational prayer – Pastor Pat Wagler


Coffee, tea & juice available in the fellowship hall following the service.
2:30 p.m. – The Fair Wind (traditional music from England, Ireland & Scotland) at the Detweiler Meetinghouse, 3445 Roseville Rd., Roseville.
5:00 p.m. – Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner for all seniors 70 and over. June is Seniors Month so it’s time to celebrate the seniors who are a part of our congregation.


Monday – church office closed.
5-8 p.m. – Blood Donor Clinic in the fellowship hall.

1:30-3:00 p.m. – The Kitchen Table. Tea, coffee and conversation for seniors at Wilmot Mennonite Church. Topic: Fun in the Shade. Bring a lawn chair. No charge, donations accepted.

7:00 p.m. – Finance Committee meets in room 111.

8 a.m. – Prayer in room 114. All are welcome.

Evening – Fellowship Hall rented for Forest Glen Public School grade 8 graduation.

4-7 p.m. – Wilmot Summer Market in the east church parking lot.

Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp’s Family Camping Weekend. For more information: www.hiddenacres.ca, email info@hiddenacres.ca, call 519.625.8602. Brochures are on the table.

Summer Schedule: Worship @ 10:00

9:45 a.m. – Preservice music
10:00 a.m. – Scripture: Judges 13-16.
Sermon: The Power of Samson.
Speaker: Pastor Myrna Miller Dyck

STEINMANN SOXX (Church Fastball League)

June 24 (Today) 7 p.m. – Soxx vs. East Zorra (New Hamburg D1)
June 25 (Mon.) 9 p.m. – Soxx vs. East Zorra (Tavistock Optimist)
June 27 (Wed.) 9 p.m. – Soxx vs. West Hills (Petersburg)


July 4 – Aug. 22 (Wednesdays) 1-3 p.m. – Minds in Motion, a community based social program that incorporates physical activity and mental stimulation for people with early to mid-stage signs of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Location: Wilmot Rec Complex. Register by calling 519.742.1422. Suggested donation: $60. See bulletin board.

July 27-20 – Skylight Festival at Five Oaks, Paris, Ontario. A weekend of faith, justice and a celebration of the arts. For itinerary and to register: skylightfestival.ca. See bulletin board.

Aug. 3-5 (Fri.-Sun.) – Steinmann Church camping at Hidden Acres.

Aug. 12-24 – Ontario Mennonite Music Camp at Conrad Grebel College for ages 12-16. For more information and to register visit: https://uwaterloo.ca/grebel/campers/ontario-mennonite-music-camp


1. We raised a total of $3,215 for MCC at our church’s Summer Sausage booth at the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale. Thank you to all who helped!

2. Forest Glen Public School Breakfast Club would appreciate donations of used unbreakable plates, bowls, cups, serving utensils and cutlery. Talk to Paulette West if you have questions or to donate.

3. It’s not too late to join the Hidden Acres Camp summer staff. We need a few young people to serve in an exciting and meaningful role for a few weeks or the whole summer. Phone: 519.625.8602; Email: chrispot@hiddenacres.ca; Web: hiddenacres.ca

4. Kindred Credit Union Church Builder GICs available until June 29. An investment for you and bonus interest for the church. Kindred donates an additional 0.25% interest. See bulletin board for details.


• Pastor Steve is on vacation June 23-30.


• Greg Rabus, Jennifer Otto, Alex and Ian as they visit family and congregations in Ontario (our congregation on July 8) while they transition to life in Lethbridge, Alberta after serving six years in Germany as Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers.

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