Wilmot Refugee Info

Wimot Refugee Response

Steinmann Mennonite Church is helping to cosponsor two refugee families. Applications have been submitted and resources are being gathered in anticipation of arrivals early in 2016.

If you would like to offer assistance, please contact:

Foxboro Green – Steinmann Mennonite Church

  • Rick Brenneman – rickardys@hotmail.com 519-662-2861
  • Bill Simpson – billsimpson44@hotmail.com 519-634-9733
  • We are still anticipating the arrival of the family from Syria with whom we have been matched. On Sunday, April 24th church members and residents of Foxboro were invited to an Open House at the apartment to view all the generous donations we have received to furnish the home for our sponsored family.

Stonecroft – Steinmann Mennonite Church

  • Elaine Lewis – relew@rogers.com
  • Karl Bergen – karltbergen@gmail.com

The Foxboro-Steinmann group will be welcoming a Syrian Family of four to our community. The family is currently in Jordan. We don’t have a confirmed arrival date but we have been informed that it is a priority to move Syrian refugee families out of Jordan by the end of February.

The ‘dad’ is 29, the ‘mom’ is 21 and they have a 3 or 4 year old son and a 17 month old daughter. The daughter was born in Jordan so they have been displaced at least for a year and a half. The family will be living in an apartment on Hincks Street in New Hamburg. All the essential furnishings have been donated generously.

The Stonecroft-Steinmann group has also secured housing at Hincks Street. They are awaiting a “profile” for a potential family to sponsor.This group has enough donated items to fully furnish their apartment.



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